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Too many squarenecks in the closet.  This is a solid starter or backup instrument in great shape.  Took it out today and gave it a new set of strings, a touch of lemon oil on the fretboard and a quick polish.  Ready to play at the next Pickoid jam.

  • Laminate body all-around with a sunburst top.
  • Sound-well for that traditional Dobro sound.
  • Stock stamped cone has been replaced with a quality Quarterman spun cone.
  • Spider bridge has been leveled and polished.
  • Bridge has been replaced with ebony capped maple.
  • Includes a nice Featherlite case.

$300 obo

Beth helps me admire Uwe Kruger's Gallagher.

Festivals, Concerts and Jam Sessions / Tonight at The Palace...
« on: June 18, 2003, 08:33:32 PM »
Jam session tonight at 'The Palace'.


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