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Mountain Music Checked out-read
« on: April 26, 2004, 09:49:31 AM »

 I finally got the chance to check out Mountain Music up in Springdale on 412 between 540 and old 71.

He has a great inventory that he is building. I did not meet him but met his wife Elouise and she was super nice type person.

I cruised through the instruments( Lord persve me and protect me from buying another) and they had 10 banjo's including a nice Alverez and  some Derring good times

They had some Hass Dalton Guitars that were nice and way in the back was a an old martin just hanging there with no price tag neary warn thru around the pick guard and just beggin to be bought. I couldn't determine the model...needed Mic-de-pic with me or Mark Hammonds to set me striaght.

Lots of mandolins, String Basses and assorted other neat instruments. I picked a Banjo that was based on a Mandolin body and it was much more mellow than a normal Banjo.

Go by and see them if you are in that neck of de woods.

Big A
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