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Bassman Bob's Circle of 5ths


No it is not a bunch of booze bottles in a circle. It is a way to figure out the chords you should be playing in what ever key is called.

Here is a little lesson

Of course Bob the Bassman did not tell us that if we went backwards on the wheel it would be the circle of 4ths.

Ok how do you read the wheel? Easy... say they tell you to play in the key of G. The next chord to the clockwise will be the 5th ( D major). The next chord to the counterclockwise will be the 4th ( c major) and the relative minor ( Em) is located on the inside circle.  So with these 4 chords G, C, D and Em you can play most songs written in that key.

This works for any key you want to try.

Look at the picture of a piano keyboard it helps make sense of this drivel!

Right BBB?

Click on the Pictures below to view how this works


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