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Musicians for Free or for Hire
« on: August 03, 2008, 11:51:25 AM »
We have both type of performances. Generally the free performances are pretty good and are done on a volunteer basis from our membership so you never know who will show up. Expect a jam circle or a soloist with out much amplification equipment. The type of music you end up with is at the disgression of whoever shows up.

Donations are accepted but not at all required so we can buy web time and pay for Cd Production costs. Our Cd will let you hear the different performers and choose a group or soloist that fits your situation.

The volunteer music covers the following types:

Fingerpicking arrangements
Wedding and event soloists
Jam Bands and circles
Open mike
Bluegrass and oldtime music
Soft backgorund music

On the Hire side we have several bands covering the following type of music:

Mountain Music
Chet Jazz
Fingerpicking arrangements
Electric Blues
Rock and Roll
Wedding and event soloists

Generally the hire bands are tighter and have their own sound epuipment.

We do not act as agent for any of these performers but can pass you along to the one that most closely fits your needs and whatever arrrangements you make with them is your business.

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