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We're happy to have Dan Miller back this year, with special guest, Brad Davis for a 2-hour workshop on how to improve your guitar and mandolin flatpicking speed, tone and accuracy. Here are the details from their website ...

Speed, Accuracy, and Tone Workshop

    Dan Miller and Brad Davis will conduct a two-hour all-level flatpicking guitar workshop that will focus on how to use efficient left and right hand technique and mechanics to increase speed, improve note clarity and fluidity, and develop good tone and volume.  Dan, editor of Flatpicking Guitar Magazin, co-author of the popular eight volume Flatpicking Essentials Guitar Course, and co-author of the book "The Guitar Player's Guide to Developing Speed, Accuracy, and Tone,  said, "After interviewing over 200 professional guitar players for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine I took all of the information that I had gathered about developing speed, accuracy, and tone and worked with my good friends Brad Davis and Tim May to develop a book, DVD, and workshop presentation that would help players of all levels break through playing barriers and improve their tone, volume, speed, fluidity, and note accuracy."     

Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Little Rock, AR
Guitar and Mandolin Workshop with Brad Davis and Dan Miller
Little Rock Jams
Breckenridge Village
10301 Rodney Parham, Suite E5
Little Rock, AR
2-Hour Workshop:  Improving Your Speed, Accuracy, and Tone
Time:  7:00 to 9:00 pm
Workshop Price:  $40
Call 800-413-8296 for Reservations
Call  503-312-1800 for Directions
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