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Pickin' at Mick the Pick's
« on: April 26, 2018, 09:50:54 AM »
201 Miramar Boulevard, way out west in Chenal, off of Chenal Valley Drive

Come out either Hwy 10 or Chenal Parkway, head west on Chenal Valley Drive.  NOTE:  Chenal Valley drive makes a half circle and connects with Chenal Parkway in two places.  IF you are coming off Hwy 10, turn left at Chenanceau, take a left onto Chenal Parkway, go up the steep hill, and then right onto Chenal Valley Drive.  1.8 miles to Miramont; left onto Miramont, then the first left onto Miramar.  201 is the 7th house on the right.   IF YOU ARE Coming from I-630/Financial Center/Chenal parkway, go past the big curve, head on past Bank of Ozark HQ...LEFT onto Chenal Valley Drive, go 2.8 miles then right onto Miramont.  Take the first left onto Miramar boulevard, 201 is the 7th house on the right. 

821-2221 or 590-4512 if you get lost....  -mick